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I need help creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy for my brand.

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I have no idea what applications or software to use for my business.

Analytics & Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is vital in pinpointing the direction your business will take to succeed in its objectives. It involves a situational analysis with benchmarking, objective setting & KPI's used to measure success. Audience profiling, campaign performance, as well as A/B testing are done with analytics data which is invaluable in the running of any targeted digital marketing campaign.


Social media marketing

Social Media Management & Content Creation

Get noticed on social media! Drive audience engagement and business credibility with relevant and accurate social media content and management including promotional campaigns. Boost your blog's traction and awareness with informative, targeted and quality content.

Search Engine Optimisation

Correct analysis and data from your website including correct coding and content in combination with analytics tools in order to organically position your website higher in the search engine results page ( SERP). Works best as an integrated marketing approach alongside other strategies.

Pay Per Click & Digital Display Advertising

PPC campaigns are goal orientated to achieve the best ROI. Increasing your exposure to the correct audience at the correct time, on the right budget. Perfect for time sensitive promotions. Need to build your brand's awareness? Maximize your impressions with a highly targeted, integrated digital display campaign.

Meet the face behind the name.

Sarah Nicole

Sarah is a qualified digital marketer specialising in planning and strategy. When not working on campaigns Sarah can be found dedicating her time to non-profit causes, bribing her horse with carrots, getting lost on trail runs in a forest in France or travelling around Europe.

If you’re keen to market your really cool business Sarah is your go to lady and can be contacted on sarah at arumdigital.com or via her website form.


Blog Posts

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WTH Happened to My Hashtags?!

Did you suffer from a Shadowban (or whatever you want to term it) last week? Your hashtags are not visible under the categories you have used. Well fear not friends, you are not alone! I have spent the past week searching high and low for answers on this...

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