Instagram Rolls out branded content tool


Instagram has rolled out its branded content tool. This tool allows Instagrammers to understand which posts are partnerships between a business and its creator. A new type of tag makes this partnership a lot clearer to the Instagram community, This was first announced in June this year. As of this afternoon the new branded content tool was rolled out. 

Businesses are able to set up a list of approved creators that can tag their profile in posts or stories.

When these allowed posts have been tagged both the business and the creator will have access to performance tracking to gain some insight into the metrics and post engagement.

In short:

Creators will tag their “business partners” when creating posts or stories.

Businesses will have the option to approve which accounts are allowed to tag them in posts.

These posts will be shown to the Instagram community as a paid partnership post, this is different from your regular paid advertising which features a “sponsored post” notice.

Metrics will be shown to both parties.

This is a pivotal moment for many brands and influencers that depend on Instagram for this type of marketing strategy.

See Instagrams help center more information on their branded content policy.

Ready to launch your brand into superstardom?!

Instagram Rolls out branded content tool

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