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Pay Per Click & Digital Display Advertising

What I offer:

Predominantly using Google’s search network for pay per click campaigns for brands with a direct response action in mind. Maximizing a brand awareness campaign with Google display network and industry leading digital display advertising platforms, thus allowing for optimal reach and impression building across some of the largest display inventory sources, including Facebook, Twitter and Google Ad X. In addition, using a combination of both direct response and awareness campaigns can yield an impressive result.

The uses and advantages of running pay per click campaigns and making use of Display advertising.

  • Increased visibility- excellent for new brands and websites that need that extra boost to rank highly in the search engine results page (SERP).
  • Long term SEO benefits- relating to the first point, increasing your visibility will drive more traffic to your site, a well executed campaign will include relevant ad copy and landing pages, it will also be engaging site visitors with their content. Analytics from campaigns can help the brand improve their content or deliver more of what is working. The organic benefits of this approach will continue even after a campaign has ended.
  • Time sensitive offers – In contrast to ranking organically, where the process can take a considerable period of time to accomplish, PPC and display are ideal for promoting a particular product, service or event within a specified time frame and have the result displayed on prime inventory and ranked highly in the SERP.
  • Targeting- Both display inventory (where your advertisement is placed ) and PPC text ads can be adjusted according to the target audience of your choice including custom retargeting options.
  • Brand awareness and conversions- Whilst digital display advertising is a prime platform for building brand awareness, PPC is known to generate more conversions. However a combined digital display and PPC campaign have appealing benefits specifically to businesses with longer purchase funnels, where retargeting with display advertising can keep your brand in the prospect’s first and foremost consideration up until conversion. Businesses that are promoting familiarity with their brand, and those that have a considerable amount of high quality visual and video content of their business can also gain from a combined approach.

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